The McKee’s collection was created for outdoor activities, where it’s really able to make a difference, because it’s a lover of nature and simple things.
Created for modern explorers who are always looking for new thrills and opportunities, it supports them as they face their adventures in all weather conditions, from bright sunshine to heavy snow.
McKee’s materials and clothing lines allow you to take on the toughest challenges in the most extreme temperatures without fear.

The McKee’s brand draws its origins from adventure, from the wildest nature. The ibex is the symbol that characterizes the brand, a high altitude animal, an icon of the Alps, the mountains where we test our garments.
McKee’s is inspired by Scotland, its unique landscapes, the native land of the founder from which it took its name.

Inspired by adventure. Inspired by nature. Inspired by adventure. Inspired by nature.


Down jackets with maximum comfort, rainproof and windproof, light and robust at the same time for a maximum expression of freedom and softshell jackets for those who love to explore and walk in the mountains.
Warm and comfortable resistant fleece, breathable and soft inside able to ensure perfect breathability.
Technical T-shirts where the fabric becomes a second skin and dries quickly to ensure maximum performance. Lightweight technical trousers, breathable but resistant to abrasion and wear.







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